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angles: athletic pilates
with angelo

A full-body resistance training class using concentrated movement and breath to enhance the mind-body connection. Each workout improves muscle definition and posture and enhances balance, coordination, and awareness while easing stiff joints.

This class is everything your body needs and great for the 🍑🍑🍑!

Big focuses of each workout:
*Slowing down and connecting to the body
*Matching full ranges of breath with full ranges of motion
*Observe how the foot interacts with the ground with each exercise.

Potential Equipment used:
*Ankle Weights
*Weighted handballs
*Resistance cables
*Light-medium upper body resistance band
*Pilates ring
*Ankle bands
It is preferred for participants to be barefoot and have water close by.


mon: 6pm

tues: 8:15am & 6:15pm

wed: 11am & 6:30pm

thur: 8:15am & 6:15pm

fri: 11am

sat: 9:15am

move: angles buy now

drop-in angles class

first timer: 3 angles classes

2x a week, monthly

3x a week, monthly

5 angles classes

10 angles classes

unlimited angles monthly


with javi

follow the rhythm of the music as your instructor takes you through a non-stop, high energy workout paired with form-focused, guided cues along the way. *sneakers recommended.


wed: 7:30am

fri: 7:30am

sat: 10:30am

with javi

our low impact, high energy format approaches strength training with precision and challenge, while still keeping it fun AF.


mon: 7:30am

tues: 7:00am & 6:45pm

wed: 7:00am

thurs: 7:00am


move: sculpt buy now

drop-in sculpt/cardiosculpt class

unlimited sculpt/cardiosculpt classes


active sunrise yoga

with sophie

active sunrise with Sophie is a 55 minute empowering and motivational morning yoga flow designed to energize, align and ground you for your day by connecting powerful yoga postures/movement to the breath for all levels!

mon, wed, & fri: 7am

sat: 8am



move: active sunrise yoga buy now

drop-in active sunrise yoga

five active sunrise yoga


meditation for authenticity

foster a deeper connection with yourself that results in more self-acceptance, decisiveness, gratitude and calm off the


mon: 7:45pm

wed: 7:45pm

sat: 12:45pm







empowered breathwork

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