functional workouts

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angles: athletic pilates
with angelo

A full-body 55-minute resistance training class using concentrated movement to improve muscle definition, ease stiff joints, improve posture, balance, and heart health all while enhancing your mind body connection through breath and controlled movement.
In every class, you'll enjoy the benefits of the progressive 3 phase system.
  • Phase 1: They open the spine and hips and activate the glutes and core.
  • Phase 2: After your body is prepared to move, They step it up with functional strength and resistance training while focusing on precise form and control.
  • Phase 3: Healthy Heart. Your circulatory system is one of the most important factors of long-term health. This 8-minute bout of precise and powerful movement will elevate your heart rate enough to reap the benefits of any high-intensity workout without the risk of injury. (like most HIIT workouts)

this class is perfect if you are recovering from an injury, a beginner or reintroducing exercise, want something more challenging than pilates, or dissatisfied with traditional weight lifting.


mon: 6pm

tues: 8:15am & 5:30pm

wed: 6:30pm

thur: 8:15am & 5:30pm

fri: 9:15pm

sat: 9:30am

angles pricing

drop-in angles class in-studio

4 classes per month

8 classes per month

unlimited angles monthly


with javi.bodi

follow the rhythm of the music as your instructor takes you through a non-stop, high energy workout paired with form-focused, guided cues along the way. *sneakers recommended.


wed: 7:30am

fri: 7:30am

sat: 10:30am

with javi.bodi

our low impact, high energy format approaches strength training with precision and challenge, while still keeping it fun AF.


mon: 7:30am

tues: 7:00am & 6:45pm

wed: 7:00am

thurs: 7:00am & 6:45pm



javi.bodi pricing

drop-in javi.bodi class in-studio

unlimited javi.bodi classes in-studio


flow into strong

with alex

flow into strong will guide you through yoga flow intervals interrupted by a strength circuit designed for all levels. You will focus on moving mindfully, understanding your limits, and then pushing past them.

sat: 11:45am



flow into strong pricing

drop-in flow into strong in-studio

unlimited flow into strong monthly


meditation for authenticity

foster a deeper connection with yourself that results in more self-acceptance, decisiveness, gratitude and calm off the


mon: 7:45pm

wed: 7:45pm

sat: 12:45pm







sound meditations

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cleansing sound meditation

with sound of the times

an introduction to the relationship with sound as a guide and tool for meditation practice. this is a rebalancing and restoring hour for us all.

tues: 8:00pm (60 minute)

deep sound meditation

with sound of the times

guided sound meditations draw us deeper into our neutral and meditative mind to experience a sense of presence and inner quiet.

fri: 7pm (90 minute)

beginning 5/1: thurs: 8pm (90 minute)



all sound meditations will begin promptly at the scheduled time. out of respect for our facilitators and participants, there will be no admittance after the schedule start time.


enjoy your next celebration with a private sound meditation

contact for more information.

sound meditation pricing

1 deep sound meditation (90 minutes)

3 deep sound meditation (90 minutes each)

1 cleansing sound meditation (60 minutes)

unlimited sound meditations monthly

empowered breathwork

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empowered breathwork

with adrian

experience expanded states of consciousness through deep rhythmic breathing.


wed: 8:00pm (90 minute)


empowered breathwork

empowered breath work pricing

1 breath work meditation in-studio

unlimited breath work meditation monthly

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