angles is full-body resistance training method
using concentrated movement and breath
to enhance the mind-body connection.

"it's not about
what exercises you do,
it's how you do each exercise."
- angelo grinceri

what is angles?

a revolutionary approach to resistance training to quickly transform your body.

find your strength through functional movement to relieve pain and see the results you've always wanted.

• improve muscle definition.
by requiring the whole body to work together with each exercise, each muscle will get an equal amount of work, resulting in an evenly traing and developed physique.

• improve your posture.
weak muscles hunch and slouch. we know it's hard to workout when you're in pain. angles works to safely strengthen the shoulder, back, and neck muscles to realign and straighten your posture.

• rebuild your foundation to ease stiff joints.
excessively sedentary lifestyles weaken your foundations and make your body more prone to injury and pain. dynamic upright resistance training is perfect for a beginner or someone returning to exercise after an injury. angles challenges and improves the body's foundation and upright function.

• improve strength and coordination.
angles' three-dimensional exercises replicate many of your physical requirements throughout the day. improving your ability to move well, will enhance daily life and decrease the chance of injury.

• work your core & strengthen pelvic floor muscles.
improve your pelvic floor function with our signature barefoot focus. connect your body and mind from the ground up for the strongest core.


work your angles at home

angles: free class trial

angelo grinceri's signature method, in a 30 minute workout that can be done with or without equipment.

your angles workout will be delivered via email after purchase.


a 4 week challenge to improve posture, strength, and glute & core engagement.

registration open: starts january 3



natural plant energy for your workouts

resist + regenerate + circulate

algae, fungi, & beets to replace your syntheic vitamins.

(3) 60 veggie capsule bottles per kit

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