hey! i'm angelo...

i began my career in helping people when i decided to become a personal trainer at 17 years old. my love for strength training and health opened my eyes to realize clients struggled with more than just working out. i had to help them understand the complexities of their body beyond basic exercises.  

i was always asked, “how do i get rid of this jiggle, this bloat, this injury, this fatigue?"

if we fail to manage stress,
we fail to progress.

the truth is, losing weight, building muscle, and improving performance is much more complex than a hard workout and strict diet. most people are living with ongoing injuries, deteriorating posture, excess stress & inflammation, poor circulation, and are not consuming enough of the right nutrients consistently.

excess stressors manipulate our hormones, feelings & our energy.

when we workout too hard for too long, our body craves sugar & becomes inflamed.
when we've had intense work weeks, our body becomes too stressed & tense.
when we eat a lot of artificial ingredients, we feel fatigued as our circulation slows.

happie is committed to healthier & happier humans.

daily plant vitamins easily making natural nourishment part of your morning routine.
workout classes that are actually good for your joints and posture focusing on building a strong and symmetrical physique.
breathing & meditation classes to help your body and mind process and release stress.

the plant vitamins you can feel

we use algaes, root vegetables, and mushrooms to provide your body with the vitamins and minerals it needs for a stronger immune system and more energy.

happie pills are single & natural ingredients in concentrated doses. providing the body with a natural source of essential vitamins and minerals.

this curated collection of earth's natural superfoods avoids artificial flavors and dyes, lab made vitamins, stimulants and toxic fillers like silicon dioxide.

our pure ingredients from the earth help the body do what it's designed to do naturally.

we use beets, chlorella; a sea algae, and a blend of adaptogenic mushrooms to increase blood circulation for heart health, improves cognitive and immune function, and reduces oxidative stress

happie is committed a healthier world

happie pills is committed to making the world and everyone in it healthier.

we believe that achieving internal health will radiate to improve our planet.

we plant 1 mangrove tree with every order. mangroves are the most efficient tree at removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

we provide each customer with the opportunity to donate 1 tree to be planted to offset the carbon footprint of their order.

our shipping operation only uses recycled or compostable mailers.

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