Why Your Resistance Training Workout in the Gym Isn't Working

Looking for the best resistance training to support your new year goals? Hitting the gym may not be the answer. Not all resistance training workouts are created equal. The right one will help you lose weight, increase mobility, and finally get rid of those aches and pains. 

Why are so many new year’s resolutions less than successful? Because too many leave you tired, burnt out, or with an injury after the first month. Far from encouraging you to stay consistent. We have the resistance training workout that is revolutionizing how to get results, and maintain them so you can work towards your goals safely and successfully in 2023. 

Spoiler alert: sitting down while exercising is the laziest concept the fitness industry has ever adopted. 

Resistance training to improve your movement and physique should also help you control your body and improve your daily life. Resulting in less physical struggle, chance of injury, and less joint instability. On top of that, correct resistance training inspires self confidence as you can see the results in the mirror. How can you work towards these goals simultaneously in the gym in about 40 minutes a day? It is not by sitting down. 

Our bodies and brains are designed to remember, learn, and adapt to what we constantly and consistently do. Simply put, we get better at what we spend time doing. Think of some of the workouts you have consistently done, and the results you wanted but didn’t get from them. How much of your time on a stationary cycling bike, reformer, or gym bench has translated to your everyday life? (we'll wait...) Those aches and pains have become accustomed to the work you’re doing in the gym, and not everyday tasks. 

angles: The Best Resistance Training Workout You Haven’t Done Before

That is why the angles' resistance training method is a full body multidirectional approach to resistance training. Compared to sitting, standing upright and walking requires much more muscular activity. Angles exercises incorporate continuous steps to create a physically and mentally stimulating workout.

What does this mean for weight loss goals and aesthetic results?

Your ability to move freely and properly is directly related to the goals you have for looking and feeling the way you want to. We’re all for feeling our best, confident selves. Because when you look the way you want to feel, you move confidently and happily. 

Full body training improves full body strength, joint integration, coordination and physical safety. The result of muscular symmetry is not just for strength, it shows in the mirror.

Happie’s angles method provides the best of strength, function, and physical appearance results. It focuses on the individual muscle groups while challenging how well you can move your whole body, rather than stuck in seated exercise. The simultaneous integration of the lower and upper extremities continuously challenges the core. 

Each angles’ dynamic upright unilateral exercise improves athletic abilities as well as aesthetics. This enhances the ability to control your own body while improving your physique symmetrically. 

To see new results in the new year you haven’t been able to find from a workout yet, try something new. Step away from the gym bench. Hop off the stationary machines, bikes, and reformers. Get your body back to moving like it was made to. And see the results it was meant to achieve. 

Try it for yourself: grab a free angles workout you can do at home and let us know the difference you feel after!